Social Star Club Awarded with the 12-A and 80-G Certificate by the The commisioner of Income Tax

About Us

Four Like Minded youngsters decided to do something for the betterment of the underpriviledged and to serve the society as a whole.In this process, "SOCIAL STAR CLUB" was founded on January 26th 2000.Started with four(4) members , now the numbers have reached fourty(40).

The journey started with a talent hunt programme for the local boys and girls to give them a platform to perform and now has sprread across Blood Donation camps, Ambulance service,Dead Body Carrier Services , Health Camps, Vaccinations & post polio surgery camp, patronage to Orphanage, camps for distribution of livelihood equipment for woman and physicaaly handicapped, flod relief operation & Plantation. It is working for the last 10 years in different sphere of social curriculam. It has earned a special reputation on its own in Health Sector in State level also. .

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Special Ambulance and Dead Body Carrier Services Available AMBULANCE-9438488335(SUBHRANSU SEKHAR NAYAK)


We Hope that wih the social services we do, We Can change the lifes of many .. And Many New Hands would join us for the Cause.


We Believe that " if every one in this world do their bit of work sincerely, than this world would be a happier place to live in.


We Do our bit for the Society and Provide help to the needy in every way possible. God Help those who Help themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable, capacity-building health, education, livelihood and training programs, through staff and volunteers, which empower children and other vulnerable individuals..

Our vision is simple: to bring hope to those with none and to change the lives of everyone we come into contact with - our donors, volunteers, staff, NGO partners, government, and the poor whom we serve..

Our Vision

Our Services

Blood Donation camp

Health Camp

Polio Camp

Plantation Programme

Cleaning Of Hospital

Cleaning Of Roads

Disaster Management(Relief)

Post Polio Corrective Surgery Camp

Family Settlement

Donation To Poor and Beggars

Vaccination camp

Rally For Social Awareness

May 82014

Opening Ceremony of our New Club Building was celerated with joy and Enthusiasm.

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May 232014

The commisioner of Income Tax handed over the 12-A and 80-G Certificate to the club.

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June 232014

Voluntary Blod Donation camp at Gajaraj Automobiles(p) Ltd,Thelkoli in association with Gajaraj Automobiles Pvt. Ltd..

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